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Usage and Help

Display the xfreerdp man page

man xfreerdp

Display the xfreerdp help output on the console

xfreerdp -h


General Usage Examples

# Using hostname or FQDN
xfreerdp / /u:'john.doe' /p:'P@$$word123!'

# Using an IP address
xfreerdp /v: /u:'john.doe' /p:'P@$$word123!'


Enable a File Share over RDP

# Sharing a network drive with the remote host and enabling clipboard
#     /drive:[local_folder_path],[network_drive_name]
#     +clipboard
xfreerdp / /u:'john.doe' /p:'P@$$word123!' /drive:.,kali-share +clipboard

RDP via a SOCKS Proxy

# Using a SOCKS proxy (e.g. Chisel or SSH tunnel)
# Assumes a SOCKS proxy is listening on on TCP port 50001
xfreerdp /proxy:socks5:// /v: /u:'john.doe' /p:'P@$$word123!' /drive:.,kali-share +clipboard