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Active Directory Methodology

Active Directory Pentest Types

Given the massive attack surface that Active Directory presents, and the fact that I only have an hour or so to present, the objective of the material here is to keep the information within the scope of the PJPT and PNPT. I could never even begin to cover the entire attack surface.


  • Emulates a threat that attempts to penetrate and own the Active Directory domain via a public facing service, such as web mail, VPN, web applications, etc.
  • Usually involves a heavy OSINT campaign to pre-emptively collect usernames and passwords
    • Often found in historical breach dumps
    • Employees may re-use passwords, so having a password for an employee for another service may be helpful
  • Also, involves heavy enumeration of the target organization's current and historical DNS records
    • SecurityTrails has an excellent tool for current and archived DNS records
    • Plot out the company's externally facing resources
  • If there are login points on the externally facing resources, it's worth a shot at spraying some credentials of any usernames and/or passwords discovered during the OSINT phase


  • Emulates a threat that has breached an organization and is already working from the inside
    • Could be via physical breach where a rogue device is planted on the network
    • Could be via a phishing campaign where backdoor is placed on an employee device
  • The penetration test could be conducted as a greybox pentest, where a credential is provided
    • Or, as a black box penetration test where the breach has occurred, but no credentials are yet known
    • Greybox would allow for more immediate enumeration of the domain
    • Blackbox would require the tester take additional steps to attempt to acquire credentials (and attempt to crack them)

Post-Compromise Cycle

           |                                                                                            |
           |                         Repeat Until Mission Accomplished                                  |
           |                                                                                            |
           v                                                                                            |
Exploit > Escalate Privileges > Gather Credentials > Enumerate Domain Info > Enumerate Access > Pivot --'

Note: "Mission Accomplished" is based on the parameters of the penetration test