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Upgrading Fleet Versions

Stop the Server

First, stop any running FleetDM processes. I have systemd controlling my FleetDM server, so I will run this command to stop the server.

sudo systemctl stop fleet

Download the Latest Binaries

Pay special attention to any upgrade notes on the releases page where applicable.

SSH into the FleetDM server and download the latest fleet and fleetctl archives from here: For example, since I've installed FleetDM on Debian, I'll be downloading these archives:

  • fleet_v#.##.#_linux.tar.gz
  • fleetctl_v#.##.#_linux.tar.gz

Referencing the original install notes, note that we expand the archives and place the fleet and fleetctl binaries in the /usr/bin directory (make sure this directory is in your $PATH variable).

Migrate the Database

The official documentation advises on backing up the database before migrating, so please act accordingly.

The example command below uses the default root:toor credential. Assuming you've updated the password, please change the credential in the command accordingly.

When ready, run this command to migrate the database (change your password accordingly):

fleet prepare db \
--mysql_address= \
--mysql_database=fleet \
--mysql_username=root \

Start the Server

Once the DB migration is complete, start the FleetDM server. Again, I am using a systemd unit to manage the server, so I will run this command:

sudo systemctl start fleet