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WordPress Relative Base URL


Often in some Vulnhub or other self-hosted CTF boxes, there will be a WordPress instance configured as part of the challenge. The WordPress configuration is not correctly configured when the box is shipped and the WordPress installation is still using base URL of the old box it was shipped with. Therefore, if you try to navigate to WordPress, it won't respond, as it's expecting a different base URL.


Usually, you have to solve this problem by booting into the operating system in single-user mode and change the WordPress configuration file. The configuration file may be in a path such as /var/www/html/wordpress/config/wp-config.php . Add the following lines to the wp-config.php file if your WordPress installation is served under http://ip-address/wordpress/ .

define('WP-HOME', '/wordpress/');
define('WP-SITEURL', '/wordpress/');