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Create the Config File

nano ./username-muttrc

You should only need to change the usernamepassword, and domain.tld entries to their respective values according to your user authentication information.

set my_mailproto="pop"
set my_mailuser="username"
set my_mailpass="password"
set my_maildomain="domain.tld"
set ssl_starttls = no
set ssl_force_tls = no
set spoolfile = "$my_mailproto://$my_mailuser:$my_mailpass@$my_maildomain/"
set folder = "$my_mailproto://$my_mailuser:$my_mailpass@$my_maildomain/"
set header_cache = "/tmp/.$my_mailuser-hcache"
set record = "Sent"
set postponed = "Drafts"
set pop_host="$my_mailproto://$my_maildomain/"
set pop_user="$my_mailuser"
set pop_pass="$my_mailpass"
set pop_reconnect=yes
set pop_checkinterval=10
set pop_delete=no

Open the Mailbox

mutt -F ./username-muttrc

If the username and password are correct, you should be able to browse the mailbox from the terminal using your keyboard.