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Computer Programming: PowerShell and Python Modules

What is a Module?

  • We noted before that a function is a tool that does one task well
  • We write the code once and re-use the tool wherever it is needed
  • module is just an extension of this concept
    • Modules are collections of classes, functions, and other code
    • These items are packaged up into a toolbox is outfitted for a particular task
      • Take the Python time module for example, and you'll see that it is a module containing functions time-related tasks. That's its particular focus.

Downloading and Importing Modules

  • There are some modules that come packaged in default PowerShell and Python installations
  • Others may be downloaded from an online repository
  • Others may be developed locally
  • Both PowerShell and Python will install modules to different directories depending on your privilege level


# Find a specific module
Find-Module -Name 'ModuleName'

# Search using wildcards
Find-Module -Name '*searchterm*'

# Install a module
# Install to the local user directory forcefully
Find-Module -Name 'ModuleName' | Install-Module -Scope CurrentUser -Force

# Import the module once downloaded
Import-Module 'ModuleName'

# List the commands provided by the module
Get-Command -Module 'ModuleName'

# Show the PowerShell module search path
# PowerShell will always prefer modules installed to directories at the top of the list

More info on creating your own PowerShell module:


  • You can search for Python modules here:
  • Once you find a module you'd like to install you can use the pip module
  • The module will install to different locations depending on who you run the command as
# Bash shell
# Install a module using the PIP module
python -m pip install 'module_name'

# Print the Python module search path
# These are the locations Python will search for any modules
python -c 'import sys; print(sys.path)'
# Python Script
# Import your newly installed module 
# Use within a script
# See module documentation for help on how to use functions within
import module_name